Hello and welcome to my website, TEA TIME.
Nice to meet you.

I named my website TEA TIME.

A dearest friend of mine calls super ‘tea’.
I had many happy ‘tea’ time with her, chatting, discussing, joking and laughing.

lt was one of the best time in my life.
I want my website to be like tea time with her.
So, I named my website TEA TIME with my hope.

My website has got 2 parts which are Poetry show and Blog.

Poetry show is a virtual show which anyone can take part in.
I will type your poems with some decorations and show them in the show.
I am looking forward to meeting many people on the show.

Blog is letters to ‘Mum’.
It is more personal than Poetry show. If you are interested in me, I would happily share my monologue with you.

I hope you can enjoy TEA TIME as I do.
Thank you very much.