Dear Mum

Hello, Mum. How are you?
Are you okay after the vaccination?
Was it your first vaccination of COVID 19, wasn’t it?
I hope you are okay with no side effects.

How is your weekend going?
Did you see one of your friends? You are kind that you went to see her even though you were very tired.
How was she? Didn’t she say anything nasty or rude to you?
I hope she was kind to you, too.
Where did you go? Orange cafe? or Civic cafe? I wonder.
I remember those two cafes because I met you and one of your friends at Orange cafe and met you and another friend of yours at Civic if I remember correctly.
Did you remember?

It reminds me that I had some favourite places to study after school and on holidays when I stayed at your home.
I used to study at McDonald on George Street after school and at STARBUCKS on George Street at weekends.
I also studied at the cafes in Otago museum and Meridian Mall.
And of course libraries at Otago University and College of Education.
It is interesting that I could concentrate on studying at those noisy places more than quiet places. I fell asleep in quiet places!

I so much used to go to MacDonald after school and there was only me on the first floor around 4 p.m. that shop attendants remembered me very well.
They were almost all friendly and we enjoyed a little chat when they were not busy.
Also, I made friends at STARBUCKS (the shop attendants of STARBUCKS are all friendly to all customers).
The attendants of the museum cafe were kind, too.
The time when I was there which was more than 20 years ago, people in Dunedin were usually kind and friendly.
Is it the same? Are people kind and friendly?
Dunedin may have changed to a more crowded and busier town these days.
But I hope people remain kind and friendly.

Tomorrow, you will have your girls with Fish&Chips and son on Facebook.
Please enjoy your family hours.
And please remember your daughter No. 3 is here.
Good night, my dearest Mum. Love you without holidays!
xxxx from daughter No. 3

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