Dear Mum Photopea, Photoshop, useful for designers and illustrators

Hello, Mum. How are you?
It is very hot here. The temperature went up beyond 30 degrees in the afternoon. And humid, too. I think that it is one of the typical climate of Japan and maybe some countries of Southeast Asia.
You can imagine how unpleasant it is. In fact, it is unpleasant. But the climate here called humid subtropical /temperate climate is mild on the whole and I think that it may be one of the good areas to live. Everywhere may have good points and bad points. And I have to get used to the climate as I am living here.

Today, I was stuck on a computer tool called Photopea, which is a useful tool for illustrators, designers and photographers.
It allows them to edit illustrations and pictures. Photopea is pretty much similar to Photoshop.
While Photoshop costs us some, Photopea is free. So, I decided to try Photopea first, then if I find it is handy for me, I will buy Photoshop.
Am I wise or just mean? Or both? I don’t know.
The tool should be handy and usable for most people, but I seem not to be included in most people.
I can’t use it properly. I can’t do what I want to do. It is very frustrating.
I almost cried and gave it up. But I needed the tool to do my current job, making a leaflet for the dispensary.
So, I was tackling the tool all day.
I spent a quite difficult time.
But finally, I got it anyway and made a draft of a leaflet.
Well, a sort of a leaflet. I will have to adjust it again and again.
But I don’t want to think about it anymore at the moment. I leave it until tomorrow and go to bed.

How was your day, Mum? I hope you spent time in peace and comfort.
Good night, my dearest friend. Love you a lot.
xxxxx from daughter No.3

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