Welcome to a little delightful poetry show, TEA TIME.

Do you like poem-writing, reading or seeing your poem on the web?
If so, you have come to exactly the right place for you.

TEA TIME is a poetry show where anyone who loves poetry can take part in.
Only what you have to do is to write, send and wait to see.
I will type your poem exactly what you wrote and put it here
with an introduction and some decoration or my illustration free.

Now, shall we begin the showtime? Yes, let’s!
Today’s poet is……

Meat Pie

Sheila Charles MEAT PIES

Most Kiwis I know, especially men, all seem to love meat pies,
With tomato sauce and chips. (They are sometimes called French fries.)

My friend comes to lunch on Fridays. She buys biscuits or cake,
I buy quiche or sandwiches. Sometimes Rita will bake.

One week, I thought – I KNOW!
ME thinking, that sounds strange.
But I thought, why don’t I buy
Two steak pies for a change?

So I did but Rita wasn’t too pleased.
“I NEVER eat steak pies,” she said.
“There’s always a lump of gristle in them.”
I offered her soup instead.

“No, I’ll eat it, seeing as you bought it!”
Well, half way through the pie,
She spat out a piece of gristle.
I heaved a heartfelt sigh.

After that, I decided
To see if Rita was right
So occasionally I had a steak pie.
Usually, by the third bite
I’d find a lump of gristle.
Always? Well, no not quite!

Today I went to a posh eatery.
My friend ordered a meal.
I wasn’t very hungry
So a main meal wasn’t ideal.

Instead I chose an expensive pie.
Flaky pastry with mushrooms and steak.
I was half way through it and guess what?
I did a double take.

Admittedly, only the tiniest piece,
No bigger than my thumb nail.
But nevertheless it was gristle.
I felt myself turning pale.

I asked my friend, “What should I do? Should I leave it on my plate
Or swallow it and say nothing? I forgot to concentrate,
So, I swallowed it, by accident thus needing no further debate!

illustration by ume-nori

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