Sheila Charles PINK HAIR

‘There’s somebody making a statement’ I thought
As this pink haired girl boarded the bus,
It wasn’t JUST pink, it was SHOCKING PINK.
Did her mother make a fuss?
(I realize this is a monologue
Yes it’s a subject I’d like to discuss.)

When I was in my early twenties,
I decided to wear a gold rin
On my Peter Pointer finger.
It was not at all the ‘in thing.’

AND I wore just one earring.
I swept my long hair to one side.
I thought I might start a new fashion
Whereas it probably looked cock-eyed.
Friends said, “You’ve lost an earring.”
“I haven’t,” I pettishly replied.

These days, I would have thought,
Everything’s been done before.
Endeavouring to be different
Would be impossible what’s more.
Dyed hair, tattoos, solver studs-
There’s nothing left to explore.
Unless they undoubtedly be an eye-sore.

So I can’t help wondering,
They’re making statements. No or yes?
What about? Is it important?
We’ll never know. We can only guess.

Back to Miss Oink Hair, on the bus.
I nearly asked, but I hadn’t the cheek,
“Is your hair bright pink for the long haul
or are you going to dye it YELLOW next week?”
illustration by ume-nori

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