A girl wondering what it means


Jeremy Corbet and I had only one thing
In common until yesterday.
He’s funny on T.V. and gets paid
Whereas I(m funny on radio and I pay!

Everyone had heard of him
And hardly anyone’s heard of me.
As I’m not very photogenic these days
It’s just as well I’m NOT on T.V.

All that changed when I read
An article in the T.V. Guide.
It was about Celebrating Dads.
To be honest, I almost cried,
Even though it is many years
Since my dear old father died.

When Jeremy was growing up
His dad taught him a special word
And when I tell it to you, you’ll have to admit
It sounds absolutely absurd.

But My dad used to say it too. –
I’d never heard anyone else say it.
So I wondered if my dad was a lunatic!

Though dad preceded it with
Yayden yayden yayden. I know!
And his was slightly different.
Did they get it from the Goons radio show?

Dad’s version was as follows
(I have to add, to explain it
that my dad had a merry wit!)

I googled Jeremy Corbett
To see if he was a Lancashire lad.
But seemingly he’s a kiwi.
But how about Jeremy’s dad?

Did HE hail from England?
You must agree it is very add!
That we both had a father
That appeared to be a ‘silly sod.’

that is meant affectionately of course.
illustration by ume-nori

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