Sheila Charles A DISH WASHER

A woman surprised by a gem
A woman is surprised by a gem which suddenly comes out from a dish washer.

Years ago when I first got married,
My brother-in-law said to me,
“Get a bed and then a dish-washer.”
I didn’t wish to disagree.

However, we never got one.
I didn’t really entertain
And if I did, I liked doing dishes,
I feel I have to explain.

Well, on a T.V. programme
That I was watching only last night,
Dish-washers were being discussed
By a panel of three. Yes, that’s right!

It appears that you practically need
A university degree
in order to stack one correctly.
Well, so it seemed to me!

If dishes were put in the wrong way round
Or cutlery with handles pointing up,
Lots of germs could make their home there.
They could even lurk in an upside down cup!

I was even starting to wonder
How come anyone was left alive?
Suppose ill-informed people stacked the dishes.
Would that family even survive?

Photographs had actually been taken
Of the panel’s dish-washing machines,
Then Jon Richardson criticised them.
And he wasn’t tactful by any means!

yet there they both sat alive and well
At least as of yesterday!

But I admit I had a jolly good laugh
And to be honest, so did they.
But I’m so glad I don’t have a dish-washer
As it’s one less thing to worry about, eh?
illustration by ume-nori

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