Paper, an inkwell and a pen
a set of a pen, an inkwell and paper to write a letter

It seems the number of people who write letters has dwindled a lot.
many of us are enabling or texting. Well, you can do that on the spot.

Some companies are trying to encourage everyone to write
So, they’re offering free postcards and posting. I received one last night.

It was actually delivered during the day
But I hadn’t bothered to check.
When I read what was written on the card,
I immediately thought ‘oh heck.’

Because whoever had written it
Had signed off UNDER the stamp!
Obviously the stamp was stuck on afterwards
or had the writer got writer’s cramp?

The thing is I could think of at least ten friends
Who COULD have written the card.
It read ‘Sorry not been in touch for so long.
Life, just lately, has been hard.’

I tried to peel the stamp back
To see who the sender might be.
Who’d sign off in the right hand corner?
A bit odd, you’d have to agree.

I made out the letter P. That narrowed the field a bit.
But I still wasn’t quite sure who it was, I have to admit.

So I decided to ring Patsy. That was lucky for me. Yes.
It seems she’D sent nine altogether – each on to a different address.

She told me that she’d signed all of them
‘With love Patsy’ at the top!
So eight other folk would be guessing
And maybe shedding the odd tear drop.

The cards say on the front ‘From me to you.’
I’ll get some and send one to Pat.
I’ll sign my name ‘under the stamp’ too.
That’s what’s called tit for tat!
illustration by ume-nori

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